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Dear friends and family,

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and dedication to the Home Of Om Yoga. It is with sadness and excitement that I share with you the closing of the studio at this location. I am making room for new and exciting adventures for my practice, Our last class will be Wednesday, January 31, at 5:30 pm with a celebration to follow.  

 I am extremely blessed, and grateful for all of you that showed up with open hearts to inspire me and others at every class. Please continue to practice yoga daily and taking care of your mind,body,and spirit!

May your light shine.   


Luisa O'Connor
Owner & Instructor
The Home of Om


The Home of Om is dedicated to providing yoga classes and self enlightenment. We promote self-confidence, physical fitness and total body and mind relaxation through the use of meditation and yoga. We seek to provide accessible and affordable yoga to the local community.


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